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Sales Enablement

Killer products don't sell themselves. Selling has always been, and still is today, one of the most important aspects of business. However, the commercial capabilities of a lot departments are not aligned. Far too often, this is the case for Analyst Relations. Aligning communications between Analyst Relations and sales departments allows companies to leverage the results gained from the Analyst Relations programme. 

What do we offer?

Our process helps companies to overcome the unnecessary losses that result when Analyst Relations is disconnected from the sales department. Our professionals strive to enhance the reputation and value of Analyst Relations and marketing by helping to generate leads, recommendations and sales. By aligning communications more clearly with sales outcomes, our Sales Enablement service helps to unlock new budget and resources, develop plans that drive action and ultimately drive better career paths for our clients. 

What does the Sales Enablement service include?

The process involves five stages that assess and increase your success in driving effective Analyst Relations Sales Enablement at your firm: 

  • A Sales Enablement audit will establish the baseline
  • The data will be reviewed and benchmarked against the industry
  • A recommendation will be given on development priorities
  • A workshop will take place which will help you plan implementation
  • Each participant will receive a follow-up on their personal plans

Example audit:


More information?

Two of Kea Company's most popular webinars in 2014 were on the topic of Sales Enablement.

Bram Weerts and Dave Eckert go in-depth on why Analyst Relations professionals should put in the effort to set up a Sales Enablement programme.

Robin Schaffer and Andrew Reed discuss how to get your Sales Enablement programme going, and share 'war-stories' from their own experience.

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