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Social Media Marketing

In an ever changing B2B landscape, technology vendors need to market to the end-user buyers to build a strong relationship, human to human. B2B buyers involved in a difficult buying cycle all have their own set of interests and questions, and they are more reachable than ever. Leveraging the unmatched reach of social media offers the opportunity for any company to build awareness and credibility with the right people. This can significantly increase your inbound lead generation and have a big impact on shortening the buying cycle.

A popular question we get is "Who are those people being active on social media? Do they matter to my business?". The answer is: they are your clients, prospects, investors, influencers like analysts and pretty much anyone who can who can form an opinion about you. Your social media presence is a key component of your brand strategy, and it will amplify your reach amongst your target audience drastically.

Audit and Strategy Setting

Although it is tempting to rush into social media and start pushing your marketing message, it is vital to lay a foundation of strategic goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics. Social Media isn't about likes. It isn't about solely broadcasting your message onto the internet for it to get lost within seconds, for nobody to find. To get you started the right way in social media marketing, auditing of your current social media presence is the first step. Our team will work with you to create a strategic plan aligning social media goals to your overall business goals. We identify opportunities and threats and set up and train you on your social media accounts.

Identify and Engage Your Audience

The first step in any engagement with people outside of your company is knowing who you are trying to reach. We help our clients to identify their relevant target audiences, and the social media platforms to support their marketing strategy. Working together we craft a plan to engage your prospective buyers with the valuable content at the right time. This way your brand is positioned to convert your prospects to buyers through social media marketing.

Leveraging Content Marketing

Creating and re-using content should be part of your marketing strategy. Studies show that almost 90% of IT buyers want educational content. B2B companies who fail to market appropriate content often fall behind of the competitors who do. Social media will be a force multiplier for your content, allowing a reach far beyond your own network. This allows you to authentically and transparently engage with your contacts. Our team works closely with you to provide support in creating valuable content, ranging from strategy setting to technical support for creating awesome content, saving you valuable time.

Making Social Media Work For You

Our social media marketing service enhances the image and reputation of your company by positioning you in front of your target audience in the right light. No matter if you are establishing a brand for a (new) company, promoting a product or service or building a reputation, when you work with Kea, you will gain access to our expertise, our services tailored to your company's individual needs and business goals.

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