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Legal Advisory

Are you planning on taking your business to the United States of America? As part of our mission to offer comprehensive support for ambitious technology vendors, we partnered with Vanacour Schuler Zarin PLLC to offer Legal Advisory Services to ensure a solid arrival.

The U.S. is still the main destination for technology companies who want to achieve global success. Nowadays, Silicon Valley is more popular with aspiring technology entrepreneurs than Hollywood is for aspiring actors.

Expanding to the United States of America

When the moment has come to expand into the U.S.A., you have a lot to concern yourself with. Legal issues are one of them. Before any entity can operate in the U.S., it must consider legal issues relating to corporate formation such as entity type, labor laws, intellectual property protection, insurance requirements, visa matters, and tax implications - among others. It may be complicated, but that does not necessarily mean expensive.

Guidance in the Legal Landscape

What would you want and need in this situation? Guidance in the legal landscape. Experienced legal advisers who take your interest as their main concern. You want to hire and pay for experts, only when you need them. You expect premium service without huge retainers or unexpected invoices. You truly want to know what you are getting into.

What does this service offer you:

  • Set up your U.S. entity
  • Sell or acquire assets
  • Protect your patents and intellectual property
  • Comply with complex corporate, employment and labor laws
  • Resolve disputes and lawsuits
  • Protect your company's rights and interests

Go to market with knowledge and confidence.

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In order to help our clients navigate the U.S. legal system, Kea Company works together with Vanacour Schuler Zarin PLLC, who have assisted companies all over the world with legal issues of all sizes, from helping to establish a presence in the United States to assisting with the resolution of disputes.