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We want to make our expertise available to ambitious entrepreneurs and start-ups that have a killer solution but face the challenge that most external advice comes with great costs; something most starting companies can't afford. We believe that starting a relationship in the period when you have the most questions, and when different courses of action immensely impact your company's success, makes sense for you and us. We want you to build better start-ups and make better decisions based on state of the art knowledge. 

Why Kea Business Advisory-as-a-Service?

  • On-demand direct access to experts: Kea BAaaS allows you to talk to the Kea experts when you need us. This is quick, simple and easy to plan and instant consulting for you and your organisation.
  • Actionable advice: The interactions are designed to provide "hands on" advice to help you make the right decisions about specific questions.
  • Sounding board for your leadership: Benefit from brainstorming sessions, getting a third-party perspective and learning about the best practices in the market.

What does the Kea Business Advisory-as-a-Service Offering include?

  • Expert Inquiries: Kea inquiries are 45-minute telephone sessions designed to discuss a specific question and to get the objective opinion of one of our experts on an issue you are facing. The Kea BAaaS offering includes 6 inquiries per 6 months contract.
  • Document Review: Our document review allows you to get a 3rd party opinion on your marketing material, your business presentation or other business documents. The Document Review service can be used as part of your inquiry allowance for documents with up to 10 pages.
  • Kea Market Intelligence Newsletter: The Kea Newsletter is keeping you informed about latest trends in the technology market, start-up topics, new marketing technologies and events.

We offer a low threshold access to our experts. Talk to us about go-to-market strategies, doing business in a specific local market, starting with analyst relations, managing your sales force, setting up your commercial capabilities or other topics that demand your attention. State your question or send us your document and we will give our feedback. If you want high-level guidance or an expert opinion on an important dilemma, this is your solution.


€199,- per month (minimum is six months).
€183,- per month (minimum is twelve months).

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Brochures: To learn more about the Kea Business Advisory-as-a-Service Offerings for Emerging Vendors, please follow the links to our brochure:

Kea BAaaS for Emerging Vendors (English, PDF)