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Analyst Relations Measurement

Analyst Value Survey

The annual Analyst Value Survey is the only public survey into how people value different analyst firms.

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Analyst Value Index

The Analyst Value Index provides one simple ranking to compare the value to users of different analyst firms.

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The free IDEAL Audit gives complete picture about how your Analyst Relations programme is delivering.

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Analyst Impact Modelling

AIM is Kea's globally adopted methodology for modelling the impact of individual analysts on a vendor's market.

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Analyst/Advisor Attitude Surveys

AAS Surveys provide specific feedback to vendors on analyst and advisor attitudes and perceptions.

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Analyst Mindshare Benchmark

Our Analyst Mindshare Benchmark shows how to refocus your effort on the analysts who influence sales.

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Relationship Maturity

The Analyst Relationship Maturity Audit determines the level of your relationships with the key research houses.

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Influencer Quadrant

The Influencer Quadrant identifies whether your profile is on the rise or decline in analyst research.

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