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Influencer Relations

Our Analyst Relations products and services: 


Outsourced Analyst Relations Support

Properly interacting with the right analyst at the right time you can ensure that your company is on the analysts' radar and gets the attention and recognition it deserves.


Analyst Attitude Survey 

The Analyst/Advisor Attitude Survey (AAS) gives vendors and providers specific feedback about analysts' attitudes and perceptions.


Analyst Relations Workshops

Our workshops focuse on how Analyst Relations teams are working across the thirteen major areas of an analyst relations practice and identifies successes and risks.


Analyst Value Survey

The Analyst Value Survey (AVS) is the only survey which gives you insights into how users of analyst research value different analyst firms including Gartner, Forrester and hundreds of mid-sized firms.



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Business Advisory

Our Business Advisory services: 

  • Operational Improvement
  • Go-to-Market
  • Advisory-as-a-Service
  • Legal Advisory for businesses entering or in the US market

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Our capabilities are designed to create value for our clients. Each capability consolidates next practice and functional experience within its specific field, to ensure our clients a structured proof-of-concept approach to the business challenges they face.